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CENTURYLON Tape Insulation

  CENTURYLON Tape Insulation is easy to use, convenient for wraping short urns of pipes, fittings, valves or any complicated parts where working with CENTURYLON AP-701 Pipe Insulation is difficult. remove the release paper as the tape is spirally wrapped around the surface to be insulated. The tape should be applied in a relaxed state to avoid stretching and pressed firmly in place.

The table below shows the recommended thinkness or number of wrapings to prevent pipe sweating or condensation.

Thickness To Prevent Pipe Sweat

Air temperature and relative Humidity Pipe temperature
50°F 35°F
80°F & 50% RH Single Layer* 50% Overlap
80°F & 70% RH 50% Overlap Plus Single °Layer 50% Overlap Plus 50% Overlap
* Dual-temperature line must be 50% overlap applicaion