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Foam Grips/Indroduction

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CENTURYLON has NBR / PVC rubber foam grip handles with excellent and high quality control, also in a variety of designs and colors.

The application for foam grip are used

Aircraft grips

Grips for pliers

Rake grips

ATV grips

Hammer grips

Scooter grips

Bicycle grips

Hand truck grips

Screwdriver grips

Broom grips

Hedge shear grips

Shovel grips

Brush grips

Hockey grips

Ski tow grips

Cane grips

Kite handle grips

Skip Rope grips

Control grips

Lanyard grips

Snowmobile grips

Cutlery grips

Lawn mower grips

Sporting goods grips

Drilling equip. grips

Lever grips

Tool grips

Drumstick grips

Luggage grips

Toothbrush grips

Exercise equipment

Mop grips

Treadmill grips

Fishing rod grips

Motorcycle grips

Ultralight grips

Flag handle grips

Mountain Bike grips

Walker grips

Garden tool grips

Physical therapy grips

Watercraft grips

Gearshift grips

Power equipment grips

Wheelbarrow grips

Golf grips

Racquetball grips

Wheelchair grips

Grinding the foam tube into some shape against customer`s requirement.
We can manufacture various kinds of foam grips according your specific requirements in shapes, colors, hardness etc.

Foam Grips Specifications