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Company Profile Pahli Resin Chemical Co., Ltd. was founded by Mr. Lin Wu Fu ( the president) in 1970.
Till now, with professional technical knowledge and strong background in finance, we have an excellent reputation in chemical field. Moreover, with the continuous investigation in research and development, we have an outstanding achievement for new products. Recently, the new factories settle in with modernize, automatic machinery installation, the capacity is 3-4 times growth than the past 10 years. we will work with efforts and efficiency to provide the best quality and service for all customers.


CENTURYLON Insulation is a flexible, elastomeric thermal insulation designed for insulating liquid cooling and heating lines, ductworks, tanks and vessels.

The expanded Closed Cell structure of CENTURYLON Insulation forms a vapor barrier to prevent sweating or condensation on cold lines. It also effeciently retards heat loss on hot lines. CENTURYLON Insulation is used for such systems as plumbing, hot water heating, air-condition, and refrigeration.
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